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Zero Cool is an art print publisher and gallery based in London and Newcastle upon Tyne, United Kingdom. Working with a small group of international artists and friends to showcase and sell print editions, products and original artwork.

Interested in a commission? Just ask zerocool@zerocoolgallery.com

Cranio: Lost in London

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Pure Evil: Brexit Nightmare

Silk Screen available soon

As we suffer our post Brexit hangover what better way to celebrate the impending financial meltdown by investing in the new print release from Pure Evil. Living overseas? Get involved the pounds not what it was... available soon!

posted by Anthony on 06/07/2016

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Nathan James: Dark Surrealism

Canvases available now

Nathan James focuses on the lives and worlds of the underclass, failures, perverts and slackers, rather than beautiful, successful people. We have a selection of his dark surrealist canvases from his studio archive available now.

posted by Anthony on 05/07/2016

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Bei Badgirl: Bondage Babydoll

Summer is here and we have 20% off

Summer is here and it's time for Bei Badgirl's Bondage Babydoll to go travelling - we only have a small number left hanging out at the gallery so to help them start the journey we have lowered the price by 20%

posted by Anthony on 04/07/2016

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The Toaster: Icons

Classic Canvases

The Toaster do what they do and they do it very well... one icon, repeated, deconstructed, reimagined and becoming part of street art history. The canvases are also cool as f**k so go check them out here...

posted by Anthony on 03/07/2016