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Zero Cool is an art print publisher and gallery based in London and Newcastle upon Tyne, United Kingdom. Working with a small group of international artists and friends to showcase and sell print editions, products and original artwork.

Interested in a commission? Just ask zerocool@zerocoolgallery.com

Pure Evil & Copyright on the Apprentice

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Tom French

Two New Editions

We have two brand new editions from Tom French available... Plexus and the heavily hand embellished Fabros can both be found here.

posted by Anthony on 27/11/2015

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Hayden Kays

Overdrawn Money \\ Coming Soon //

Coming soon we have a new series of drawn over US Dollar Bills from Hayden Kays. Each piece of Overdrawn Money will be framed and ready to hang. If you simply cannot wait you can find other Kays editions here.

posted by Anthony on 26/11/2015

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Zoe Moss

Icon Editions

Zoe Moss has created a series of prints from the original drawings in her Icons series based around superheroes and famous icons subtly subverted with a humorous narrative.
Available now in signed editions of just 25, these and more can be found here.

posted by Anthony on 23/11/2015

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The Toasters

Rooftops & Canvases

This week we caught up with The Toasters on a London rooftop... it's best to catch them in their natural enviroment! They created this stunning piece and passed over some crispy fresh canvases... check them out here.

posted by Anthony on 06/11/2015