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Zero Cool is an art print publisher and gallery based in London and Newcastle upon Tyne, United Kingdom. Working with a small group of international artists and friends to showcase and sell print editions, products and original artwork.

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Pure Evil & Copyright on the Apprentice

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Gemma Compton: Tarot Cards

Lovers & Death

We have two new print editions from Gemma Compton available now... Lovers & Death both come from her new Tarot Card series and they are editions of just 50, signed and numbered, £35 each...

posted by Anthony on 02/06/2015

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DOLK: New Editions

Dropping later this Month

Later this month... once they arrive and we have had a little holiday we will have three new print editions from the legend that is DOLK! Chief, Sleepwalker & 3XChief will all be available in very limited numbers... so keep checking back or get in touch if you're interested!

posted by Anthony on 01/06/2015

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Hayden Kays: Hand Embellished Edition

Make Tea, Make Peace!

We have a new exclusive edition from Hayden Kays, Make Tea, Make Peace has seen the artist drip and splash tea over the entire edition making each one different... trust us he really went to town with this one...

posted by Anthony on 12/05/2015

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Pure Evil

The New Logo for the Favela Looting Team

The New Logo for the Favela Looting Team was one of Pure Evil's fastest ever selling prints... We now have an original canvas from an edition of ten available, each hand sprayed by the artist.

posted by Anthony on 10/04/2015