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Zero Cool is an off shoot of the much larger Biker Gang, the Crash Overriders... but after years of loyal service we grew tired of living fast... we really didn't fancy dying young and despite some scandalous internet rumours we never enjoyed to feel of dressing head to toe in black leather.

So the bikes ground to a halt and Zero Cool Art Gallery was born...

Meggs x Lister x Kid Zoom

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Make Tea, Make Peace!

Hayden Kays Mugs Coming Soon

Coming next month we have a brand new limited edition boxed mug from Hayden Kays... here is a sneak peak but watch this space for more info soon!

posted by Anthony on 15/01/2015

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Matt Lambert

We are thrilled to welcome Matt Lambert to Zero Cool Gallery and we have a selection of his original works and print editions from this talented young British artist...

posted by Anthony on 20/11/2014

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Online Now!

New illustrations from Hayden Kays

Hayden Kays has sent us a new collection of illustrations... these unique ink on paper pieces are online now and selling fast... only one left!

posted by Anthony on 13/11/2014

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Pure Evil: Sofia Loren

Carlo Ponti's Nightmare (Close Up)

Carlo Ponti's Nightmare (Close Up) is the brand new screen printed edition from Pure Evil, a stunning portrait of Sofia Loren it is available now it two colour variants... Golden Brown and Flouro/Silver check them out now...

posted by Anthony on 12/11/2014