About Zero Cool...

When and why was Zero Cool conceived?

Zero Cool is an off shoot of the much larger Biker Gang, the Crash Overriders... but after years of loyal service we grew tired of living fast... we really didn't fancy dying young and despite some scandalous internet rumours we never enjoyed to feel of dressing head to toe in black leather. So the bikes ground to a halt and Zero Cool was born... along the way we picked up other disillusioned wanders and by a massive stroke of luck they all seemed to have skills with a can or a brush and we figured, why the hell not... let's build us an art gallery!

There is a strong graffiti throughout the artists you represent do you personally come from a graffiti background?

Growing up on a small estate in Newcastle graffiti was always around but far from the huge blockbusters I would discover in later life it was more street sonnets like the classic... Bazza shagged Kirsty here 11/07/89 which could be found in the toilets of the local pub or the badly punctuated warning to keep away from the school janitor which was carved into a desk in the Biology lab... but it certainly had a profound influence on my life... especially as it gave me the knowledge to never visit the janitors cupboard no matter how many times he asked...

If you could represent any artist dead or alive who would it be?

This is a tricky one as I'm not sure if it means representing them now or representing them back in their own time... but I'm gonna go with the latter as it seems a bit more fun... It may be a very obvious choice but it would be Warhol in the seventies and eighties... first off you get to be around one of the true visionaries of contemporary art, a man who changed everything but also you get to be in NY during the birth of punk rock catching bands like the Ramones, The New York Dolls and Talking Heads at CBGB's... you would see the birth of graffiti as a true cultural phenomenon and see the greats at work... and you never know might even get a date with Debbie Harry.

Where do you see Zero Cool being in 5 years?

Supporting and promoting our friends... putting on bigger and better shows... creating more project based events... ruling the world (Insert Evil Laugh Here)