Asbestos is an Irish street artist who has spread his toxic cloud across Europe and beyond over the last few years (Including London, New York, Barcelona, Milan, Amsterdam, Paris and Venice). His moniker is taken from the poisonous material that, once identified, is considered an infestation. His work combines photography and painting worked onto found objects which he then installs either back onto the streets, or consigns them to gallery wall space. This work is inspired by artists ranging from Caravaggio, Rauschenberg, Sol LeWitt and Chuck Close, and explores the human form consumed and meshed with structural triangular shapes based on Delauney's Triangulation. These triangular constructs are a hand crafted interpretation of computer generated forms, made out of found wood and metal. He's also known for his witty series of lost posters that seek to find all the random and useless things he's lost.

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