Zoe Moss

Person of Interest

We have a new series of giclee prints from Zoe Moss, "The series 'person of interest' started out as something purely visual but grew into different ideas of how people choose to identify themselves and what elements define them. The gold both highlights and at the same time masks them." - Zoe Moss

posted by Anthony on 15/09/2017


Pure Evil

Hedy Lamar - Hedy watch the skies

"I wanted to show how Hedy is an inspiring figure for a new generation of powerful activist women. I wanted to make a really simplified NO BULLSHIT image of her because that is how I make my art. Keep it simple. No fake shit." - Pure Evil

posted by Anthony on 22/08/2017



Eye Lines Subway Series

Trans1 began his graffiti journey back in 1983. Over the last three decades, his pieces evolved from lettering, to his now unmistakable monochrome photorealistic characters. Trans1 has travelled globally painting, most notably in NYC.

Find the series here...

posted by Anthony on 07/07/2017


Matt Lambert

Nothing but hot air

Named by the Telegraph as one of the five British artists to invest in, we have a brand new canvas straight from the studio of Matt Lambert.

Nothing but Hot Air, Oil on Board, 50cm x 70cm, Signed

posted by Anthony on 16/06/2017


Nathan James

Bull by the Horns

Another artist in the Telegraphs top five artists to invest in, Nathan James has just dropped off 'Bull by the Horns' an extra large slice of his dark surrealist vision.
Bull by the Horns, Oil on Canvas, 150cm x 120cm, Signed

posted by Anthony on 16/06/2017