Pure Evil

Roman Polanski's Nightmare

All three variants of Pure Evil's 'Roman Polanski's Nightmare - Sharon Tate' are available now alongside rare prints and artists proofs!
Find them all here...

posted by Anthony on 12/05/2017


Mau Mau: The Thinker

New Unique Canvas & Print Editons

Mau Mau has made his name sticking two fingers up at the establishment and he takes aim again with this canvas 'The Thinker' - you can find it and more from Mau Mau right here...

posted by Anthony on 23/02/2017


Pure Evil: JFK's Nightmare

The First Lady

New Pure Evil Prints 'JFK's Nightmare - The First Lady in Blue & Deep Purple' available now... both colour variant are signed and numbered from editions of just 100. Find them both and more from Pure Evil here...

posted by Anthony on 01/02/2017


Zoe Moss: We can be heroes

New Limited Edition Print

Zoe Moss celebrates the icon David Bowie with her new print edition 'We can be heroes' which is available now in a limited edition of just 50 all signed and numbered. You can find David and other reworked icons here...

posted by Anthony on 08/01/2017


Hayden Kays: Kays Kollection

Only 1 Left!

The perfect start for a budding Hayden Kays collector, with 4 Signed Limited Edition Prints, Illustrated Dollar (Framed) + COA,  Signed Note + COA, 2 Christmas Cards, 2 Signed Art Cards, Signed Postcard, Embroidered Patch, Sticker, Illustrated Pizza Box (boxes are creased & ripped due to the disposable nature of the product & is intended)

posted by Anthony on 07/01/2017