Getting (a once) over II

by Meggs
Mixed Media on Canvas
Signed by the Artist

45 x 45 cm



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Initially recognised for his multi-layer street stencils, Meggs has become a well recognised and respected member of Melbourne's street art culture. With a background of graffiti, skateboarding and graphic design Meggs has developed his painting skills from street to galleries with a mixture of aerosol based character work and stencil based expressive canvases. His work continually references the nostalgia of childhood heroes and villains, exploring the notion of duality and an on-going question of morals, rights and authorities. Reflecting on personal experience Meggs produces energetic depictions of heroes, villains, and subverted collages of pop culture symbols.

Meggs has spread his street and gallery work as far as London, LA, Tokyo and Paris. A continued passion for graffiti and character painting, pop-art and abstract expressionism has led to Meggs being well recognised as one of Australia's pioneering street to gallery artists.

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