by Ben Frost
Acrylic on Happy Meal Fries Packet (Framed)
Signed by the Artist

8 x 10 cm


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Sydney artist Ben Frost is well known for his confronting and often controversial Pop Art paintings. Using a collage style of unlikely juxtapositions, his dynamic paintings are complex mash-ups of popular culture that savagely critique our media and advertising obsessed society. His now infamous 2000 exhibition and art prank 'Ben Frost is Dead' saw him fake his own death and was branded 'tasteless' when the art world and national media actually believed his demise.

The nightmares first started when I was about 8. It didn't help that the house I lived in at the time was haunted, and that by this time I had already experienced several apparitions and poltergeist events, from flying cutlery to my mother's spinning wheel turning violently while I was home alone watching Laverne & Shirley. This extended to repeat UFO phenomena throughout puberty, long before drugs and alcohol had anything to do with it. Sometimes I even questioned whether there was some sort of repressed sexual abuse, but growing up in various backwater areas of south east Queensland in a very supportive and wholesome family there was nothing other than the occasional experimentation with the boy next door or my best friend's sister.

Any second now, any second now we'll all wake up.

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